Information graphics

What is information graphics?

“Information graphics is a general term of reference for charts, graphs, plans, drawings, diagrams, tables or any other graphic depiction of information designed to demonstrate or explain how something works or to clarify the relationship between the parts of a whole.”


Texas Tech, glossary of terms

What we offer...

Custom designs, Expertise, Flexibility, User testing, Cost savings.
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If you would like to see more examples of our information graphics please call us on 08456 446681. We are currently in the production of creating dedicated website for our information graphics work, if you would like to be informed when it goes live please email Periscope.

Cutaway drawing – Floor standing gas fired boiler

Information graphics - Cutaway drawing

Viessmanns comprehensive product range offers solutions for detached or semi-detached houses, large residential buildings, commercial and industrial use or local heating networks. We were commissioned to create a full colour cut-away illustration to support the clients product information in a marketing brochure. Areas of most interest were picked out, the illustration was constructed from orthographic plans.

Services included: Consultation / Plan deconstruction / Rendering


Exploded view drawing – The National Trust

Information graphics - Exploded view drawing

Pope's Cabinet illustration 1 of 4 in a series revealing a labyrinth of secret doors and drawers within one layer of the cabinet enabling the public to appreciate its complexity without compromising the piece itself. When complete, the work will be seen in conjunction with video, the internet, exhibition stands and print work. Please read more about our relationship with this client in our featured clients section of this website.

Services included: Consultation / Photography / Illustration


Instructional illustration – Hornby

Information graphics - Instructional illustration

Model train part replacement instructions – Periscope were commissioned to create illustrations showing model train parts being replaced in an instruction leaflet. Created from photographs taken in the studio.

Services included: Consultation / Photography / Illustration


3D Technical animation – Subway signaling system

The grand sweep of some technical systems are difficult to grasp in their immensity... unless you observe it all through the medium of 3D technical animation. Through the eyes of the virtual camera, the operation of this extensive, complex and mission-critical subway signaling system is ably demonstrated. The precise timing of signals is easily shown, even over a large scale. An example of the unique functionality that 3D animation brings to human perception.

Services included: Consultation / Modeling / Animation / Lighting / Texture mapping / Rendering


Architectural visualisation – Eco-friendly small office block

Information graphics - Architectural visualisation

A visualisation of a new prefabricated Eco office block for rapid construction using Eco-friendly materials. The initiative block collects rainwater for the lavatories and the south-facing roof houses solar panels to assist in heating water and generate electricity. The illustration was constructed from orthographic plans.

Services included: Styling / Plan deconstruction / 3D Rendering / Lighting / Texture mapping / Photoshop finishing

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